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Nové Sady is a village situated in western Slovakia, more precisely in north-western part of the Nitra region. The village lies on the both sides of the stream Radošinka - among the cities Nitra, Hlohovec, Piešťany and Topoľčany. Nové Sady is situated in one of many valleys that streches from north to south approximately from Topoľčany to Hlohovec. In north-west from Radošinka there are to see mountains Považský Inovec and in south-east mountains Tríbeč and Zobor. The total area of Nové Sady is 1748 ha. This area is very suitable for agricultural production because of its lowland character, semi-humid climate and mineral composition consisting mostly of loess. Agriculture in this region is oriented mainly on cattle and pigs breeding, growing of cereals and sugar beet. In addition, to traditional crops belong grapevine and hemp, which were very popular in times of central planned economy in the second half of 20th century.

Parts of Nové sady

Settlements Kotrbál, Ceroviny and village Sila, which has been inhabited since prehistoric time and written mentioned as village Zyla in 1292, are administrative parts of Nové Sady. In 1694 the village Sila belonged to the Diocese of Nitra. During the Turkish Wars Sila was considerably devastated.The village Nové Sady is well known as birth place of poet Janko Ďurka- Silan – representative of Catholic Moderna. The village Sila is inhabited also by the ancestors of Germans from nearby village Čermany. The original architecture and unique atmosphere of countryside can be found in the settlements Ceroviny and Kotrbál. Both settlements were established in the first third of 20th century in times of division of landlord land and arrival of immigrants from neighbourhood of Stará Turá and Myjava.


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